We are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Tickets are available for sale on our website. They retail for $30

Living Your Dream’s first event features classic swing music by Bill Sergent’s Band.

Living Your Dreams Events is a company that is dedicated to providing a platform for everyone to come together and enjoy live music. We believe that music is a universal language that can bring people from all walks of life together. Whether you’re a fan of swing, jazz, country or any other genre of music, there’s something for everyone at Living Your Dreams Events. 

We host events that cater to all ages, so whether you’re young or old, you’ll be able to find an event that suits your taste. We also make a point to bring in local and international artists, so you can experience new and upcoming talents as well as established acts. 

Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can come together and enjoy the music. Living Your Dreams Events is for anyone who loves live music and wants to be a part of a community of music enthusiasts.

We accept all major credit cards. No Cash.

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Throwing amazing Swing, Jazz, & Country live music events throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.